The main topics of the conference

T01 The generation and basic mechanisms of sleep spindle oscillations
T02 The thalamocortical system in sleep: experimental insights and modelling
T03 Sleep spindles and cortical up states
T04 Sleep spindles and sleep regulation
T05 Development of sleep spindles
T06 Sleep spindles in normal and pathological aging
T07 Individual profiles in sleep spindling
T08 Sleep spindle alterations in sleep disorders
T09 Sleep spindles and psychopathology
T10 Sleep spindling and epilepsy
T11 Sleep spindles, memory and neural plasticity
T12 Sleep spindles and neurobehavioral functioning
T13 Pharmacological agents affecting sleep spindle oscillations
T14 Hormonal effects on sleep spindles
T15 Networks involved in sleep spindling
T16 fMRI BOLD correlates of sleep spindle oscillations
T17 The relationship between sleep spindling and other neural oscillatory phenomena